Unique Design Plastic Gear Ring Injection Mold From Caozhen


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Unique Design Plastic Gear Ring Injection Mold From Caozhen

The unique design plastic gear ring injection mold from Caozhen is a high-quality mold used in the production of plastic gear rings. It is commonly used in various industries and offers excellent performance. This mold is made of P20 material and has a cold runner system. It features a single cavity design and is compatible with a 650Ton injection machine. The mold has a long life span of 1,000,000 shots and can be delivered within 45 days.

Product Features:
– Made of high-quality P20 material
– Cold runner system
– Single cavity design
– Compatible with a 650Ton injection machine
– Long mold life of 1,000,000 shots
– Fast delivery within 45 days

– Good quality with competitive price
– Experienced design team to meet customer requirements
– Prompt quotation and timely communication
– Efficient mold production process
– Regular progress updates for customer satisfaction
– Free trial samples for customer confirmation
– Careful packaging for safe mold shipment
– Hardworking, sincere, honest, and responsible team

Mould Chart:
1. Communication
2. Sign Contract
3. Design
4. Prepare Mould material
5. CNC
6. High-speed CNC
7. Elaboration
8. Assembling
9. Taking Trial For Mould
10. Sending sample for customer confirm
11. Polywood Cases Package
12. Mould Shipment

1. What information should I provide when sending a mold inquiry?
– Please provide detailed product pictures, 3D designs, or samples.
2. How do I place an order for the mold?
– We will communicate with you regarding the mold material, cavity, runner, etc.
3. What design software do you use for mold design?
– We use Ug, Proe, Solidwork, CAD for mold design.
4. What materials are available for the mold?
– We offer various mold steel options, such as C55, P20, 718, 2316, H13, 2738, S136.
5. What is the delivery time for the mold?
– Usually, the delivery time is 45 days.

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