Plastic PVC Butterfly Valve DIN ANSI JIS Standard Level and Worm Gear Type Handle


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PVC Butterfly Valve DIN ANSI JIS Standard Level and Worm Gear Type Handle

This PVC Butterfly Valve is designed for water supply applications and features a double-eccentric sealing structure. It is available in various sizes ranging from DN50 (63mm) to DN300 (315mm) and is made from PVC-U, CPVC, or PPH materials. The valve conforms to DIN, ANSI, and JIS standards and is connected using a flange. It has a working pressure of 1.0 MPa and comes in a dark grey color.

Product Features:
– Suitable for water media
– Manual driving mode
– Flange connection form
– Double-eccentric sealing structure
– Supercharging pressured sealed
– Normal valve stem

Product Material:
The valve body is made from PVC-U, CPVC, or PPH material, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

DIMENSIONS (unit: mm):
– DN50 (63mm) to DN300 (315mm)

The valve is securely packed to ensure safe transportation and delivery.

Product Show:
Images showcasing the PVC Butterfly Valve.

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