Custom Machined Plastics PA66 Nylon Worm Gear


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Custom Machined Plastics PA66 Nylon Worm Gear

The Custom Machined Plastics PA66 Nylon Worm Gear is a type of fix wheel made from nylon material. It does not have a brake. It is available for customization according to specific requirements.

In terms of product description, nylon was the first engineering resin used in various industries such as electronics, marine, automotive, and carpet manufacturing. Nylon sheet is known for its outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties.

Nylon has excellent temperature, chemical, and impact properties. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and can operate without the need for lubrication. These qualities make nylon suitable for applications that require low friction and good abrasion resistance. Cast nylon, in particular, offers excellent load-bearing capability, wear resistance, and impact resistance, making it ideal for demanding construction environments.

It is important to note that nylon sheets without UV stabilizers are sensitive to ultraviolet light and should not be used for extended outdoor service. Carbon black, such as our black Nylon Sheet, is an effective UV stabilizer that also enhances tensile strength and hardness while slightly decreasing ductility and toughness.

The material options for the Custom Machined Plastics PA66 Nylon Worm Gear include PA6, PA66, MC Nylon, PP, PE, ABS, or as per the customer’s request. The dimensions of the gear can be customized based on drawings or samples.

The production process involves CNC machinery and injection molding. The gear offers several advantages such as aging resistance, low noise, anti-fatigue, impact resistance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Here are the specifications of the product:

– Product name: Nylon rod, PA6 rod, polyamide6 rod
– Material: PA, PP, PE, HDPE, POM
– Type: Plastic Materials
– Color: Natural white, blue, black, customized color
– Density: 1.2g/cm³
– Hardness: 85
– Working Temp: 0~120°C
– Length: 1000mm
– Diameter: 20mm-250mm
– Surface: Smooth
– Shape: Rod

Please note that these specifications are for reference only and can be customized.

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Custom Machined Plastics PA66 Nylon Worm Gear:
Price: US $5.8-8.5 / kg
Minimum Order: 1 kg

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